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We have the lowest rate of personnel rotation within the BPO business


Seven years specializing ourselves on designing, developing and implementing CONTACT CENTER & BPO solutions, is exposing us as an excellent allied in the market to maximize every contact with your customers.,



The Grupo Empresarial EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A.

which we make part of, is one of the largest business organizations in Colombia, this background is one of our biggest competitive advantages that allow us to provide services of the highest quality and the latest technology.


We are among the most important 5 contact centers in Colombia



Over 3400 employees supporting the our clients relationship process.

More tan 57 millions interactions around the year.

2000 work stations.

3200 Call Center and personal attention agents

We perform more than 360000 outbound calls

Over 15 millions spoken minutes a month

More than 30000 accomplished personal service visits

Steadily creating job opportunities, hiring over 200 people a month.

Vinculamos más de 200 personas al mes, generando empleo permanentemente.


We have the lowest rate of personnel rotation within the BPO business

We are ruled by the international COPC standards (Customer Operations Performance Center).

We are certified under ISO 9001.

We have a control and planning model for the Contact Center & BPO operation.

We are permanently in touch with the entities that regulate and observe the Contact Center & BPO sector in Colombia.


In 2010 the marketing investigations consulting firm, Frost and Sullivan, bestowed on EMTELCO the prize *“Liderazgo en Crecimiento en Colombia” for the Contact Center & BPO sector.



Sede Medellín Calle 14 Nº 52 A 174 / Teléfono: +57 (4) 389 7000 / Sede Bogotá Carrera 69 Nº 98 A - 11 Piso 2 / C.C. Floresta Outlet - Teléfono: + 57 (1) 486 3500\ E-mail: [email protected]

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