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Emtelco UNE is a company dedicated since 2003 to provide services CONTACT CENTER AND BPO, managing the business relationship with customers in processes such as Sales, Customer Service, Portfolio Management and Technical support through phone contact channels, virtual attendance and direct mail. Also provide services of Back Office as Data Management and PQR's. We are a society of mixed economy, the order municipal, incorporated as a corporation and resides in Medellín in Antioquia department.

Company: Emtelco S.A

NIT: 800237456-5

We Nacional operation: more than 2.000 posts Contact Center distributed in Medellin, Cali, Pereira and Manizales. and a team of nearly 400 care advisors face and door to door in cities such as Armenia, Bucaramanga, Buga, Barranquilla and Cartagena.


We are a company that manages customer relationships with internal and external users, maximizing the value of each contact by providing and efficient management of resources, human talent and knowledge


Emtelco, a firm that maximizes the value of each customer contact with internal and external users, in the year 2015 will produce sales revenues of $ 220,000 million in national and international markets, with growth exceeding the growth of the industry Contact Center and BPO, and an EBITDA margin above 15%

Corporate Values

FLEXIBILITY: Scoma rápiadmente able to adapt to changing organizational environment and achieving sustainability and competitiveness in the market.

SERVICE: We are committed to identifying and meeting the legitimate needs of our stakeholders.

RESPECT: We give a dignified treatment of our stakeholders and we value their differences.

RESULTS ORIENTATION: We strive daily to exceed our goals and optimize use of resources to create value.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our customer relationship is friendly, timely and effective manner, listen to their needs and propose new ways to overcome their corporate expectativas.Valores

Management Policy

In Emtelco seek to understand the business of our clients, meeting their needs and continuously improve, to ensure our sustainability by generating economic value, social and environmental, promoting the development of our stakeholders and compliance management legalesPolítica

Sede Medellín Calle 14 Nº 52 A 174 / Teléfono: +57 (4) 389 7000 / Sede Bogotá Carrera 69 Nº 98 A - 11 Piso 2 / C.C. Floresta Outlet - Teléfono: + 57 (1) 486 3500\ E-mail: [email protected]

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